Wednesday, October 14, 2009

George Washington Carver Field Trip

I went to the George Washington Carver monument in Diamond Missouri Kansas. We went on the bus to the field trip. show us how to do laundry when they had no electricity to wash it. They make soap with stuff to make it to wash
laundry at home. We went on a tour about George Washington Carver. We were grinding corn into corn bread to eat.All of us went to George Washington Carver monument at ten-a-clock the morning. I like the best of going on the tour about carver. When I go again I would go to the theater and watch the movie about George Carver. He wash his own laundry at home.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The view from our classroom

The Seed

The jar contained a very large seed. Other than its size, there was nothing out of the ordinary about this seed at all. The label on the jar, however, warned," This seed should never, never be planted."

The seed might blow up and it will grow back. And it will come to live and walk into a house with a chimney in winter when it is snowing. The seed is dangerous to be out of the jar. The seed looks like an onion with red skin on it. It also look like an egg from a chicken that you can hatch a chick. It might be a seed that grows a fig tree in the front yard. The seed might not grow if you planted it in the ground. The seed looks like a plant that looks like a rose that is pink red or purple rose. Why? Because it is a seed for a rose that can blow up all over the place at my house. The thorns will come at you fast then a horse fly. I never seen a flying seed that looks like a onion in the deep blue sky. The clouds look like a rose that might be a seed that blows up all over the place. I think that the seed looks like a onion. Sometimes the onion makes me cry when I am chopping for dinner with tomato pickles on a hamburger for dinner it also has Manya on it. the seed look like a tulip at my house the other day in the evening at nine o clock at night and day time. Now that you call a crazy seed story.