Friday, November 20, 2009

about my self

My name is kyle and I like to play football in the fall. I takle hard and I can make a touchdown. I like to play basketball and I can make a slamtunk with the basketball. Sometimes I would play soccer not that much.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

pets can do amazing tricks flips

I have a dog it will give me a high five the dog do allot of tricks.
My turtle will do tricks sometimes at my house all the time at home the kind of tricks my turtle will roll over. My puppy can say I love you. The dog do allot of cool things.
I also have a cat that can do tricks in the house all the time the cat like to scratch her back into the grass.

Why dogs can talk to human bean?
Can dogs climb trees?
Are they like cats?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pilgrim thinksgiving novembor 10

They got on a island and the people said that they are staying on the island.They show up in a boat all the way to the island. The pigrams is hungry they go fishing for fish.
The boat is fild with alot people on the boat.
When they done fishing they coughed a bunch of catfish.
One of the fish is pregnant. On the bottom of the boat there are barrows of water
All of the pigrams do not look the same. They all wearing the hats.
The pigrams always busy allot of times.
The pigrams might have turkey for dinner. They might have other

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Science Experiment

George Washington Carver National Monument

Happy Thanksgiving

For Thinks giving we cook Turkey and pumpkin pie also we make green bean casserole.
All of us like to do crafts for thinks giving day.
Everybody come over for the thinks giving dinner in November.
My birthday is on November 21st by thinks giving day.
Thinks giving is my favorite Holiday. For my birthday we have thinks giving food on my birthday. Their is a lot of thinks giving food like pie,turkey,stuffing,and green bean casserole.
Everybody plays thinks giving bord games. We make turkey's for thinks giving.
Mom,dad,sister,brother,grandma,grampa,and x dad.