Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

For Thinks giving we cook Turkey and pumpkin pie also we make green bean casserole.
All of us like to do crafts for thinks giving day.
Everybody come over for the thinks giving dinner in November.
My birthday is on November 21st by thinks giving day.
Thinks giving is my favorite Holiday. For my birthday we have thinks giving food on my birthday. Their is a lot of thinks giving food like pie,turkey,stuffing,and green bean casserole.
Everybody plays thinks giving bord games. We make turkey's for thinks giving.
Mom,dad,sister,brother,grandma,grampa,and x dad.

1 comment:

  1. Thanksgiving at your house sounds like a really good time, but it makes me HUNGRY hearing about it!! You are fortunate to have a great family to spend the holidays with.

    1. re-spell all the "Thanksgiving" words and make sure you capitalize the word
    2. When you write "Thanksgiving Day", "day" must be capitalized because it's the whole name of the day.
    3.Next time don't hit enter when you get to the end of a line because the keyboard will take care of that for you and you won't have extra space left over.
    4. Third line from the bottom, remove the ' in the word "turkeys" because you are talking about more than on turkey, not something that belongs to a turkey.
    5. The last line is an incomplete sentence. Put a predicate (verb) in that line to make it complete.

    Great writing!! Keep up the good work!!+10/10